Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gramma Mindy's Visit!

You thought that when I ended that last post with a little bit about our return home that I would just gloss over this next post, right? Well, I gotcha! Because when Mom and I returned home to Maryland after the holidays, we returned with one more passenger than we went up with...that's right! The title of the blog post gave it away...Gramma Mindy came to visit with us for New Year's!! Not only did Mom and Dad get to go out for New Year's Eve for the first time in several years, but we also got to have a lot of fun with Gramma Mindy!

I was very excited to have her come down and see us! (The excitement may have also been caused by the blue lollipop that got to have when we went out....note the blue lolli in my hand, and matching tongue...)
While she was here, we found time to check out the White House Christmas Tree...It is a smaller new tree that replaced the one that got blown down several months back during a particularly hairy storm. It' a bummer to have lost such a lovely tree....but this new one did an admirable job filling its shoes/lights.
In addition to the tree, there were numerous little trains set up that surrounded the display. I don't know what it is about trains and Christmas, but I like it!!
Here, once again, is our friend Thomas the Train Engine zipping around a tiny reproduction of a town...he sure is popular, that Thomas!
Gramma Mindy was cool enough to buy me my very own digital camera for Christmas (or was it my birthday...man, I get confused with that all the time! THANKS Mom and Dad! :-P  ) so I brought it with me to take some of my own pictures! Nothing beats SamHeight pictures of trains and Christmas trees! I liked that camera very much, and took several pictures to look at whenever I wanted to. It was very well built, and easy to use!
Though it was daytime, and we couldn't see the lights, we really enjoyed being able to take in the display without all the crazy crows that are usually around. We got to relax and enjoy ourselves.
We even got to have Gramma Mindy take a picture of me, Mom and Dad in front of the tree....this was the closest thing to a decent picture that I would allow them to take. What do you expect!? I'm THREE!
It was truly a sight to behold...so much to look at....so many little trains running around their tracks right outside in the grass. No one rushing you to get by and look at it themselves...it was very laid back...just how me, Gramma Mindy, Mom and Dad like it...

 Each state (and US territories) has a little tree that is part of the trail of trees that encircle the larger one...Each one is decorated differently depending on where it's from, and who does it (Usually the decorations are made by school kids) We saw the trees for Connecticut where a lot of our family lives, Washington, DC where we used to live, Maryland where we live now, and also this one...Maine.

This is in honor of the little cabin in the woods that our family has way up North. It was a lovely little tree...what a nice time we had with Gramma Mindy! It's always sad when she leaves...On Sunday we brought her down to the train station, and I said goodbye....but I think I get to see her again in a few weeks, which is nice! Hooray for her school vacations!!

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