Friday, January 27, 2012

Christmas 2011 Part 2!

I have kind of a unique situation in that I often have to celebrate holidays in several places, with several different batches of my family...while I sometimes find this difficult both in scheduling things, and in general when it comes to feeling a bit fragmented in regards to family events, everyone does a pretty good job of making it all feel equally festive and connected in its own way....I appreciate that!
Which leads us to the second part of our Christmas celebration at Gramma Mindy's!!

Once again, there were a lot of presents to be had! I had a lot of fun unwrapping yet another series of presents, and got a lot of fun stuff. Here I am opening a new book, and next to that is a coat hanger that I am very excited to hang up!

In addition to those, and many other fun things, I finally got myself a Thomas train engine set!! All the times I had played with the Thomas train engine set at Barnes and Noble or Sears, I was always excited about the prospect of getting my own Thomas train set....the tracks are made of solid wood, and the train cars are made of metal and's very well put together! I got the tracks and water tower from Mom and Dad, and Gramma Mindy got me a lot of the cars...she got me Thomas himself, in addition to a bunch of other cars...

I had a lot of fun playing at Gramma Mindy's with all of my new stuff!
One of the things I got was a soccer goal and ball....since soccer and living rooms don't really go together, JustRichy and I took it outside to check it out!
We set up the goal in the corner of Gramma Mindy's deck (Check out that view!!) and Just Richy and I played a short game of soccer. I was the goalie, and did my best to stop the ball from getting in...however, it was a bit chilly out, and I think I ended up focusing on keeping warm moreso than blocking the goal...

Richy sunk a couple shots, and I realized that I'm gonna have to spend the warmer months of spring practicing for the next time he and I go head to head!
As always, I got myself some more Legos! I can never have enough of these things! They are just the right balance of allowing you to use your imagination to create things, while also containing elements like cars, people, and decorations that help augment your designs by making them into something more closely approximating the real-world equivalent. I like that I can make a race track that looks just like a race track, or one that belongs in outer's my choice!! 
Richy and I had a great time keeping warm, and seeing just how far we could take the was a blast!

Just when you think this blog can't get any more up is my birthday!!! That's right...even though I am sooooo far behind, I haven't forgotten!

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