Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Another Birthday party!

A couple of my friends had a joint birthday party recently, and  I got to join them for the festivities! It was held at a big gym place, and there were lots of cool things to see and do!
I even got to held roll some of my friends around in the gym equipment...what are friends for, right?
I got to do lots of cool gymnastics moves the bouncy trampoline type thing, and get lots of exercise...I think I'd like to talk to Mom and Dad about replacing our boring old carpeted floors with some of this trampoline material...not only do you get from point A to point B MUCH quicker, but GOSH is it more fun!
Also, sooner we can get some of these foam blocks in my room to replace my boring flat bed, the better. These things are GREAT! They're great to crawl around on, and burrow through, yet if you fall on them, they don't hurt since they are made of foam! (Make sure when you fall, your friends aren't under there, though....Ouch!)
It was a really nice party, with some of my favorite people from school...I'm always glad to get invited along, and have a really good time with them. :-)

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