Monday, December 17, 2012

Getting Gramma Mindy's Christmas Tree 2012

In the morning just before we left Connecticut, we met Gramma Mindy and JustRichy bright and early at the Christmas tree farm to engage in the yearly tradition of helping Gramma Mindy pick her Christmas tree.

I ran around the rows of trees playing hide n' seek (and also helping to find the perfect tree for her....mostly I played hide n' seek)
It was a big tree farm, and there were lots of choices...but I knew that if we buckled down and focused, we'd be able to find the perfect one....

Wait....before we do that....COME FIND ME!!
I think I see another good one, Mom! Come check it out!
Nope....I just wanted you to come find me again!
I ran to help Gramma Mindy find us, since I didn't want her getting lost amongst  the trees. I was already utilizing my superior finding skills for the tree, and I simply couldn't spare the resources necessary to find a tree AND Gramma Mindy....thankfully we didn't lose her!
After finding, what I declared (and everyone agreed) was the best tree on the lot, JustRichy held the tree, while Dad cut it down. It was the first time he had ever cut one down himself, and he was surprised at how much easier it was than he expected...they even let me get down on the ground to help cut the tree down (For all you eagle-eyed nervous Nellies out hand stayed on the handle, safely out of reach of the blade....and Dad was very careful, and moved very slowly....I was super happy he let me help, and my joy was unmatched. I emerged with all nine fingers on both my hands, so don't get all...WHAT?! Nine fingers!?! TRICKED YOU! I had all ten...silly Nervous Nellies...)
JustRichy, Mom, and I triumphantly carried Gramma Mindy's tree out of the lot, and Mom and Dad even bought a wreath for our door back home! It was an all around successful trip!
What a nice way to end the Thanksgiving officially starting the Christmas season! (Take that Hallmark and your fellow "Christmas Stuff Must Be Out The Day After Halloween" stores..."

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