Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall Festival and Pumpkin Carving 2013 With JustRichy!

This Halloween, we got a visitor from up North: JustRichy came down to spend the weekend before Halloween with us! That meant he got to join us on some Fall activities!

We went out to Greenstreet Farms to do their Fall Festival...I was a little grumpy for part of the day, but managed to rally and have a good time!

First we got to go on a hay ride through a spooky trail!

Above you can see some of the bats flying overhead. Spooooky, right!?
There were lots of cool decorations alongside the trail....ghosts, skeletons, was spooky, but I made it through.
Next we entered a real life hardcore corn maze that one could easily spend several hours lost in....Dad was being kind of a big baby (His actual words: "I've never done this before, and I am terrified")
Richy got to hold the flag (for if we got lost and had to be rescued) and I led the way! I was fearless, running down different paths and telling everyone to follow me!
We finally escaped the corn maze (after thinking that we'd be late for Boo at the Zoo later in the day)
There were a few other things to see at the Festival....a giant inflatable bounce mat (which I skipped) and huge tractor to pretend to drive...
An enormous sandbox that was filled with corn kernels instead of sand (it really brought out the "digging dog" in us all...)
A giant tire farm where you could climb on tires and play around the playground...
And an enormous slide that took you underground. I was very brave, and went through it after patiently waiting in line (the slide was a ribbed pipe so when I went down I went was hilarious.
Finally we got to the important part, which was to pick out a few more pumpkins for the holiday to add to the one I got back in Connecticut.
When we got back home, Richy taught me some sweet sword moves....he would assign a number to the move, and then call them out, so when he called out the number, I would make the corresponding move....for example, in the image below, he called out the number where I would swipe down and knock the sword out of his hand...FLAWLESS VICTORY!
From sword fighting, we moved inevitably to pumpkin carving...Mom drew a face on the small one I got in Connecticut, and she based it on the scary angry face I was really cool.
I explained how it would best look, and she did a great job of following my directions...
All of us worked on pumpkins (Richy carved his and took it home with him) while Mom did the small Connecticut Pumpkin, Dad did his pumpkin, and my pumpkin was the fancy painted one behind me.
I was the one who drew the face on Dad's, and after he cleaned it out, I just didn't feel like carving out the face would do it justice, so I asked him to leave it....this is how it looked!
We had a pretty good time carving pumpkins and going to the Fall Festival!!! Next year we hope to spend more time there....but this year we had to make it to our first....BOO AT THE ZOO!!!!!!!

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