Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My new Woody Doll!

A month or two ago, Mom and Dad started a job chart for me!
It served two, it helped me to have a sense of responsibility for doing things around the apartment, keeping a schedule, and for having a better attitude about things in general. Two, it helped me to learn the value of earning something that I wanted, in this case it was a Woody the Cowboy doll from Toy Story!

Mom and Dad created a job chart for me...I had enough jobs so as not to be overwhelming, but enough to keep me busy, and to keep it jobs were kept simple, but important. Moving from the left, my jobs were to be in bed by 8:30pm, do a good job listening, not be grouchy for no good reason, put my shoes and socks away when I get home, and put my dishes in the sink when I was done with them. Woody sat at the bottom, helping to give me an incentive! Every day we went through the list and checked to see which ones I had done...if I did them, I got a star (which *I* got to put on my job chart)

Well, I finally finished the chore list! Some were harder than others (The last ones I finished were the 8:30 one, and the listening....) but even after my chart was done, I still do a pretty good job with the chores I was doing.

So, with some help of a couple remaining Christmas 2012 gift cards, we went to Toys R Us to get a Woody the Cowboy doll, just like my Buzz Lightyear!!
The adventures started as soon as I got home! Dad helped build a blanket fort, and using a flickering pretend candle, Woody and I had a blast! I introduced him to my other toys, and jumped right into playing!!

Obviously he and Buzz get along pretty well already....look at the two of them goofing around!! I LOVE my Woody doll! I'm so proud of the fact that I earned it through my chore list!

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