Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween 2013!

Happy belated Halloween everyone!

Sorry for not getting this up sooner,  but I was so wrapped up in a ton of great Halloween celebrations!

Obviously the day of Halloween itself was a big one! It was busy, and fun, and full of great times (and great candy!)

First we had the big Halloween parade at school! We all got dressed up and walked around the office building that our preschool is located in! I looked AWESOME in my skeleton costume! It was just like I described it to Mom and Dad when I told them I wanted it!

We also got to go upstairs and visit a conference room they had set up for some trick or treating! Everyone sat around in a circle and had bowls of candy. We said 'trick or treat', got some candy, and LOVED IT! At one point, a group was running late, and bumped into us as we were leaving, which meant we got EVEN MORE CANDY ON THE WAY OUT!! Score!!

At night, we headed out, and even Dad got dressed up this year as a GHOSTBUSTER! Luckily we had him, so we didn't have to be afraid of no ghost. Well, now THAT'S stuck in my head! I have to drink some water to get rid of the song!!

We met up with some friends, and walked around the neighborhood to visit lots of houses, get lots of candy, and have lots of fun!
We went up to the doors, ran around the yards, and got to have a blast together. Even when it started raining a little bit, it couldn't dampen (HA!) our spirits at all! We kept moving, and the rain finally stopped.
So many houses were REALLY decked out for Halloween, and even though some of it was scary, I still had SUCH a great time out there!!!)
I mean LOOK at this haul! That bucket was awfully heavy those last few houses (Thank you Mom and Dad for holding the pumpkin bucket for me, and for bringing it to me when I went to the house, rang the doorbell, then turned around to yell "MOM! DAD! BUCKET!" Totally appropriate.


tiffky doofky said...
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tiffky doofky said...

Hmmm, I hit "publish" too fast on that last comment. Let's try this again!

I had very high expectations after hearing an in-depth description of this costume at a breakfast summit in Bethesda last month. Let me say for the record: I am not disappointed! Your costume is spooooookily wonderful and so are you.