Monday, November 11, 2013

Boo at the Zoo 2013!

We're jumping around a bit, but the final piece in the Halloween celebration puzzle this year is Boo at the Zoo! You get to go to the Zoo at nighttime, dress in your costume, and walk around the zoo! You see the animals at night when no one really ever gets to see them, and there are lots of places to go trick or treating to get candy, chips, and other great snacks!

One of the best things about it was that I got to go with Mom Dad AND JustRichy, who was still in town! He was terrified of my skeeeelllleeetttoooon costume!

Mom also got in on the fear action while we were walking around!

Some of the stands had tasks to complete (One stand had you digging through birdseed or something to find little spiders, which you then traded in for candy) whereas other stands just needed a solid "Trick or Treat" to get something great!

I got to walk around the zoo, and lead our ragtag group from place to place...we got to see lots of animals, too!

Inside the bird house, there was a learning center devoted to the could pick up a nut cracker and use it to crack nuts, to get a feel for how strong an owl's beak was!

On the way to the bird house, we got to see one of the numerous displays at the zoo. This one featured skeletons as pirates! Two of my favorite things mashed together!

These skeletons were in a hair salon and one was giving the other a haircut which was HILARIOUS....I mean, even skeletons need haircuts, right?

Or maybe the display was just sponsored by Hair Cuttery. :-)

We met up with my friend Max and his family (Max is the blue power ranger, and his little brother is the red one!) and we got to run around trick or treating and seeing the zoo together.

We got to see the elephants in their gorgeous. brand new indoor home (I've posted pics of the outdoor section of their home HERE if you want to see those....)

We got to play "Find the animals" in a lot of their cages, which was fun!

We made our way to the carousel, and I got to ride with Max, his brother, his Dad, and My first, I was really worried about riding on the animals that go up and down, since I've always been afraid of them...I would always rather sit in the little ornately decorated benches...I don't know what it was this time, whether I was trying to be brave since my friend was there, or the adrenaline of the evening, but I got on my first "up and down" animal on a carousel (It was an armadillo) and was THRILLED. I even surprised myself by yelling "Dad! I'm doing it! I'm riding a carousel for the first time!!!" It was amazing....Dad was so proud of me. And Mom was shocked when she saw us riding around (She skipped the ride, but was thrilled to see me doing it!)

Look at this display! THAT skeleton is in the tub and THAT one is on the potty...THAT is GREAT!

Max and I heartily debated whether or not that bat-shaped light was a Batman bat symbol or not...we agreed to disagree.

On the way out we saw these spooky ghost ladies dancing to the spooky was a nice capper to a very fun, yet very exhausting evening...I hope we get to go again next year!!

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