Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Belated Halloween!!

Happy belated Halloween Everyone!!

As are pics of Dad as a magician, and Mom and I as The Magic 8 Ball (Our favorite 8 Ball fortunes were "Reply Hazy...Try Again later." and "All signs point to Yes")

When Mom got tired, she changed the fortune to "Outlook not so good" Mom put the costume together with Dad's help. She went to a craft store and did some great work on putting this thing together. How awesome!! It was a lot of fun!

The first pic also includes my "Gramma Mindy" as a "Flapper" I believe....I can't remember if she was supposed to be a specific one. The picture also includes my Uncle Mat as a Stormtrooper. He was directing traffic as a stormtrooper, which really drove home how effective a stormtrooper would be at directing traffic.

It was a very good Halloween season for us! First, we went to a Halloween-themed wedding for some cousins of mine...they had a great wedding, and we all had a lot of fun (Luckily Mom kept the dancing down to some swaying and bobbing, thus keeping me from being all woozy and dizzy) The wedding blended a lot of family traditions, with some wedding traditions, and really made their friends, family, and "Union Family" part of the wedding. The costumes were a blast!

Then, Mom had a very low-key birthday party for Dad on Halloween...with Mom-Approved Halloween movies playing in the background (Dad really hopes I don't get Mom's penchant for HATING scary movies) We watched Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, and the classic silent film "Nosferatu: Eine Symphonie Des Grauens (Or "A Symphony of Horror for all you monoglots out there) while we had some snacks and stuff made by my Mom. I recommend the ice cream cone cupcakes, and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. 

Lots of their friends showed up, and we had a blast. Dad was foolish enough to think he could stay awake to watch the end of the Ghost Hunters Live show, and fell asleep on the couch on the first day that they could sleep in their brand-new bed. What a dope. A good time was had by all! Dad carved a jack-o-lantern for the first time in a few years, and it provided some nice mood-lighting in the apartment. He looks very forward to doing this with me someday, and while I find the handling of pumpkin guts quite distasteful, I will humor him.

Finally, on Saturday, they went to the annual Kate and Jared Halloween bash. While they made, what was essentially an extended cameo, they had a lot of fun watching some questionable Karaoke (Even I know "I Love Rock n' Roll"), and the always awesome house decorations. Jared really outdid himself with the jungle theme...Kate and Jared, as always, were fun hosts, and they had a lot of great food, dancing, and Dad's favorite...Mango Margaritas! Also, this year they added a game where people would try and hook coconuts from the third story of the house his fishing rods. It was so much fun!

And finally...My Dad's favorite halloween costume from this season came to us from "Rich", my mom's
 brother who hates the title of Uncle, so I will gleefully give him other titles throughout my life. 

Today, he is "Senor Rich".

 When my Dad walked off the bus to the wedding, he saw Senor Rich...saw this costume...knew INSTANTLY who he was, and it instantly became his favorite costume. 

Do YOU know who Senor Rich is dressed as?


tmheffer said...

So that's why your Dad is carrying the bunny. Your Mom's costume was much better.

The Dot said...

Mom and Dad had a hard time coming up with a suitable costume to go with Magic 8 Ball. He knew that carrying the bunny was the only way to drive the point home. He was almost a Rubik's Cube, but boy...was THAT a lot of work...

He was very disappointed that I wasn't born earlier, when he saw another couple dressed as magicians, and their very little baby was dressed as a rabbit.

Rachel said...

I'm thinking Marty- Back to the Future. Right?

The Dot said...

Fine work Rachel! Even though you were the only was the correct one!! So we don't NEED anymore guesses....

What do we have for Rachel for guessing the correct answer!?!?!

Halloween candy, of course!!!

Rachel said...

Ooh! Ooh! I want Halloween candy! Gimme Halloween candy!