Friday, August 7, 2009

Baby Tour 2009_Leg_4_Part_1

Another day, another post catching you all up on my life in recent weeks...while we continue our relaxing time up here in Maine, here is another oldie (but a goodie) I'm almost TOTALLY caught up!

A few weeks ago, Baby Tour '09 continued, when I ventured up to Connecticut to attend a wedding on my Mom's side of the family. We decided to go up a bit earlier in order to visit with my Dad's side of the family for awhile too!

We like to spread the Sam around...we're not selfish. :-)

My Uncle took time off from work, and my Auntie had the day off already, so they were gonna get a whole lotta Sam!! Here, they feed me solids for the first really doesn't matter who feeds me...that stuff is GOOD!

We spent the whole day at my Gramma Debbie's house, and we got to play a lot! (we of course played in between bouts of sleeping on my part...sorry, I'm a baby...I do that!!)

Auntie Steph held me, while clearing the table of anything for me to grab (THAT'S not very fair, Auntie!) as you can see by my smile, I love Auntie Steph a lot! She loves her "little man" and isn't afraid to show it (By giving me lots of hugs, and a plethora of adorable outfits!)

Uncle Steve held me and I played the "Catch the Fingers" game...basically, Mom and Dad discovered that if you wiggle your fingers in front of my face, I grab them to stop them from wiggling...obviously, I have very small hands that match my very small body, so I can only grab a couple at a time. While I hold those, you wiggle the free ones, and I let go of the ones I had to catch the ones that are moving.

Make sense?

It provides Dad a way to entertain me (and those watching him) on the Metro ride home from daycare. As you can see in the picture, this game requires my utmost concentration...

Here, Uncle Steve says "Boom!" while Mom tickles me...What? I thought it was funny!

As always, I had a blast at Da Gramma's house! It was fun seeing Auntie Steph, and Uncle Steve, and I appreciated that they took time off to hang out with little old me. Da Gramma was, as always, very welcoming (Even when Mom and Dad show up last minute to spend a few days there)

And we wrap it up, with Da Gramma cracking me up, as she always does!

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