Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rested and ready to go!

Yeah, you're getting accustomed to these "I have returned" posts...but I really have!

It has been a long month for me and the fam. There has been lots of traveling (South Carolina! Maine! Connecticut!) lots of exciting events (weddings! a graduation! my first trip to the Maine cabin!) and it was exhausting, but quite rewarding.

What was going on, you ask? What were we doing?

Stop by and see...more updates soon!

And even some pictures....I mean, you HAVE to stop by and see the pictures!!


Gramma Mindy said...

OK? Where ARE the pictures, Sam?

The Dot said...

I'm writing! The pictures come with the writing, silly! :-P I have to spread these things out over a few days, you know...keep my fanbase itching for more. :-)