Sunday, August 2, 2009


Last month was Father's Day...and for some odd reason, as I looked back over old blog entries, I see that I have forgotten entirely to mention it!

Yeesh....considering the fact that Dad helps me type these things, it was SUPER awkward having him help me with this entry.

He was understanding, though...he knows how hard it is out there for a kid like me, being as busy and popular as I am...

I hope that no one out there (especially my Dad) felt slighted...we actually had a really great first Father's Day!

Dad had to work in the morning and early afternoon, but when he got home, Mom made him a REALLY nice dinner, and gave him a gift that I helped with...Check it out!

Yep...those are my little feet there! Mom went to a crafts place and painted this coffee mug for Dad, with my assistance! The paint was cold, and tickled my feet a bit (and GOD did I want to eat it...) but it was a lot of fun to get to help!

Now, you may think a coffee mug is a cliche "Dad" gift, right up there with a tie...but Dad is a coffee JUNKIE, so it was the perfect gift. He LOVED the mug, and has been using it almost exclusively ever since Father's Day!

So...I just wanted to say a belated Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there (and to my Grandfathers as well...while only one is still with us, I know that the other is watching over me)

And a special thanks to my Dad....he was always worried that he wouldn't be a good Dad, but Mom and I do our best to tell him how wrong he was. (That's actually one of Mom's favorite things to do, in general...) He and I have a lot of fun together, and I'm happy we get to spend his weekend (Thursday and Friday) together, and that he picks me up from daycare and all that...He is funny, and I can tell that he loves me a lot, because he makes a fool of himself in the subway to keep me entertained.

Thanks for everything, Dad!

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