Friday, July 31, 2009

A long-awaited vacation!!

Starting this weekend, Mom, Dad and I are taking an epic journey to Maine.

First, we'll be going to the wedding of one of my Dad's oldest friends! It's on a boat, which will take us to an do you get much cooler than THAT!?

After the wedding (Which is near Portland) we will be continuing north to Houlton, Maine...a tiny town, where Mom's family owns a small cabin on a lake. There will be much relaxing, much rest, and more than likely, much adorable-ness from yours truly...

Depending on the mood of the internet (Which is regrettably dial-up) I may update from our vacation. If not, I have set up several final catching up posts to go through while I am away.

This is a big week! Mom and Dad look forward to it every year, and now so do I. The trip will be difficult, but the end result will be truly worth it. Keep reading while I'm away, and I'll keep the blogging coming!

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