Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Sweet Potatoes...I hardly knew ya!!!

Recently, Mom and Dad introduced me to bananas! I can't say enough about these sweet little treats wrapped up in a peel! (Which apparently can be used for humorous pratfalls...I can't WAIT to see that!!)

Pretty much the same situation as the sweet potatoes, although Mom and Dad have labeled this a "Sometimes Food" or a "Special Snack" since it seems to make my belly run a little slower in the digestive department.

Due to the delicate nature of some readers...I'll leave it at that.

Just yesterday, in fact, Dad ate half a banana, mashed up the other half, and fed it to me. I didn't spill a drop of that mashed heaven in a bowl...he didn't even have to wipe my chin. I love that stuff!


Gramma Mindy said...

That's a very nice bib.

Gramma Mindy said...

You look like you've figured out that when Daddy holds that thing in front of your face a flash will follow.

The Dot said...

It IS a great bib, given to me by a very wonderful person. I have, in fact, figured out that the flash follows Dad sticking that camera in my face...it doesn't make it any less shocking, unfortunately.