Sunday, July 5, 2009


So, yesterday, Mom, Dad and I went to the 4th of July celebration on The National Mall. No, we didn't brave "The Capitol Fourth" to hear Jimmy Smits and Barry Manilow serenade us into the night...

We did walk around the Museum of the American Indian for a little while (OK...we had lunch, and saw a couple canoes. We didn't REALLY see all that much...) so I could cool down a bit, as I tend to overheat.

When we left the museum, the weather was much cooler, and we walked around the Mall through the folklife festival, which was closing down for the day, but was still pretty neat.

I took a nap, while Mom and Dad found a nice shady spot to wait for the fireworks. We played in the grass for awhile, and after the last feeding of the day, the fireworks began!

And I was sleeping.

Yep...I slept through the first few minutes of fireworks, and would have probably slept through most of it, had I not been awakened by some little kid yelling near me. I woke up, and looked a bit concerned for a moment or two, since I awoke to some very loud noises.

Mom was smart enough to turn me around to see the fireworks, and I don't think I blinked once during the whole thing. I sat there in my stroller, completely transfixed by these bright lights exploding over the Washington Monument in front of me. We had a partially obscured view from where we were (So we could avoid the crowds) but we saw the display just fine. I'm glad Mom turned me around so i could see. It really was incredible, and I really enjoyed being able to see my first fireworks display.

I doubt that I will remember it, but I know that during the show last night, I really enjoyed the experience. It was very cool. The picture above it pretty weak, since it came from Dad's phone, but I can't describe how cool it was. Even Mom & Dad remarked that it was the best one DC has put on in some time...

I even showed my national pride by wearing my "Baby's first 4th" bib, and also by wearing my Glory G says "From Sea to Shining Sea..." along the back, and features some cute red white and blue action there. Below is a picture of my body double, as I was uncooperative when my parents wanted to take a picture of me.

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