Thursday, July 23, 2009

Da Gramma Visits!!

Here we are, still catching you up on Life From the Crib...

Lo and behold, we somehow found a way to get Da Gramma to visit our humble abode!

Gramma Debbie was on a road trip tour of the East Coast a few weeks ago (When asked by NotDaGramma when she was coming home, her answer was "When I get there" How awesome is THAT?!) She was babysitting my cousins up in Pennsylvania, then she swung on over to us for a few days, and then it was onward to Virgina, swinging back up to Pennsylvania again.

Along the way, my Great Aunt surprised Da Gramma in Pennsylvania, my other cousins went to Niagara Falls...whooh! SO much going on!!

So, Da Gramma stopped by, and we LOVED having her come visit! It's a rare treat, but we do love it so. This, of course, proves that she should come back...hint...hint...

While Dad held me, Da Gramma got the chance to feed me some of my favorite foods (In the picture above, it's my new friend Bananas!)

I also took this opportunity to grab Da Gramma's face while we were playing. That lady cracks me up! If it's not her doing some crazy voice while I'm on someone else's lap, she's holding me very close, and tickling me while bouncing me around. Man, she really gets some good laughs out of me!

While Da Gramma was here, we didn't have a chance to get out and do any "Washington, DC" stuff, but that's OK. It gives her an excuse to come back and visit again.

Besides, we got tuckered out just hanging out in the apartment, playing, and watching a movie. Mom, Dad, and Da Gramma watched "Don't Mess with the Zohan" after I went to sleep. Though it was a trite affair, it was still a fun watch for them, and Zohan looked a bit like my Uncle Mat. (So I'm told.)

Da Gramma went on her way back to the Great North, and I slept...worn out from bein' loved and played with so much. :-)

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Anonymous said...

You and Da Gramma look like you're enjoying yourselves immensely!