Friday, July 17, 2009

Sweet Potatoes

My love affair with solid foods continued recently with the introduction of sweet potatoes. This sweet-tasting root vegetable has made me forget all about Mr. Rice Cereal (though I do still hold some affection for my first solid food...I mean, who doesn't?)

It's very sweet, and is just delicious...I finish eating before anyone notices I've started, and it really does make my palate a bit more varied, which makes me quite happy.

Mom cooks it just right, mashes it up, and adds just a tiny bit of far, she is making good on her promise to make my baby food (So in your FACE, Dad!)

Dad mocked Mom's intentions of making my food herself, instead of just buying it like many people. He figured she'd make it a few times, and then give up, but she has proven him wrong, time and time again. Every time he hears the food processor, he smiles and is impressed with her continuing the ritual. Bravo, Mom!

As you can see, they used a bib this time around, but it didn't matter. I found a way to make a horrific mess anyway. I mean, how much fun would it be if I just ate the food, and didn't dribble any of it anywhere? NO FUN, I tell ya!

And the bib says, I DO love my Grandma(s) very much! :-)


Gramma Mindy said...

GrammaMindy loves you very very very much...and more "verys" than that!!!

The Dot said...

I can only imagine how many "verys" are in there. :-)