Monday, July 27, 2009

The Power of Christ Compelled Me...

Several months ago, my parents decided to cleanse me of my original sin (and trust me...I was pretty sinny)

So they took me to the church where my Gramma Mindy is involved, and had me get all baptized and stuff. As you can see from the picture above, I was a bit concerned. I had never been cleansed of original sin before, and after a nice nap, I was getting pretty hungry.

We did not time this well at all...

After finally wrangling all our family and friends, we set about the ritual. The Priest was very nice, encouraging pictures, and saying that it was cool if kids ran around and stuff.

Mom held me for awhile, while the Priest explained what the baptism was, and why my parents were doing it. Behind Dad, hiding somewhere behind his beard, is my Uncle Steve, who served as my Godfather, and my cousin Amber, who served as my Godmother. They are responsible for my spiritual upbringing, should anything happen to Mom & Dad (And I think they are responsible for supporting and guiding it, even if Mom & Dad live...suckers.)

Also, my Uncle is now responsible for doing fair to middling impersonations of Marlon Brando in his iconic role of Don Corleone in Francis Ford Coppola's immortal classic "The Godfather"

So, as it happened, when it was time to have the water sprinkled over me forehead, I realized just how hungry I was...and decided that it was time to tell everyone about it...

Yep...I screamed through my entire baptism.

I really didn't mind the baptism...I like the attention, the Priest had a lovely, soothing voice, but I was just hungry, man!

My cousin Taylor, as is typical, saved the day when she brought my Dad my pacifier. Everyone up on the altar cracked up when Taylor walked up in front of my Dad, handed him my pacifier, nodded in satisfaction, and walked away.

I continued screaming, as milk doesn't come out of a pacifier, but we couldn't help but think that Taylor was a great older cousin, and did a great job at figuring out what could help the situation, and acting on it. Dad tried the pacifier, to no avail. He thanked her later, and she was quite humble about her contribution to my calming...

We finished the ceremony, I ate, and I was a lot happier. It wasn't until some time later, that we realized that when the Priest offered to let us take as many pictures as we wanted, he meant that we could do posed pictures after the ceremony. We didn't think to do that, so the moment was captured as it happened, with no time to pose. It was real, and all documentary-style.

Here I am in my awesome, and super adorable baptism outfit. Da Gramma saved this from when my Dad, and Uncle Steve got baptized. It was nice wearing something that has such history in my family. Very cool...and come on, a baby in a vest and little hat? Unbearable!

We had a nice little catered lunch afterwards, and I was wiped out. I tried to let them pass me around to as many family members as I could...but I ended up taking a long nap in my Uncle Mat's arms in the darkness of the church while everyone ate.

This is me after my nap...I'm a bit more awake, eh?

Later, as I visited with a few more people, drama erupted as I erupted, peeing all over one of my Dad's friends. You can see us enjoying ourselves in the photo below, mere moments before things went South (No pun intended...OK, maybe a LITTLE pun is intended...) In the background are two of my grandparents...none of whom had any idea of what was to come next.

It ended up not being too bad, but she was wearing nice clothes, and was understandably upset since she was going out to dinner later.

I was sorry, but let Mom and Dad do the talking. I think she may have forgiven me, but can't be 100% sure. As you can see from the picture, I was having a lot of fun (Which may have contributed to my little accident...)

It's the first, and only time I have leaked like that. I will attempt to avoid such incidents in the future...

As always, my family does a heckuva job throwing a party, and everyone seemed to have a great time. I received a lot of generous gifts, and attention. People were really throwing the love around.

Someone was also throwing germs around, as an unidentified Patient X got several members of our family sick with a vicious cold. A few people were sick for over a month and a half (My Dad was one of them, as was both of my Grandmas) I mentioned my Dad being sick in an earlier blog post, and this is where he got it from.

Yeah, yeah, I know...I've been WAYYYY behind in updating...that should change soon....

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