Sunday, July 19, 2009

Upstaging my Auntie....


In honor of my Auntie Steph finally getting to go on her honeymoon, I figured I would FINALLY get around to talking about her wedding! As you can see above, I surprised everyone by wearing a suit that matched the bridal party. (Well, mostly. The groomsmen all had pink ties and vests, but otherwise, I thought we matched pretty well. The guys looked much better than I thought they would in their brown and pink outfits. The tuxes were so new, the show didn't even have brown socks to match them!)

Mom and Dad managed to pull this off without telling ANYONE. Only they knew, and the morning of the wedding, Gramma Mindy had to get me dressed, so SHE knew. Dad let Uncle Steve in on the secret the day before, but besides that, it was a total surprise! People were floored, and couldn't believe how adorable I was! I enjoyed being dressed up, too! As the party wore on, I ditched the tie, and the vest, and finally ended up in some PJs...the groomsmen were jealous, and I could see why...I KNEW they wanted to be in PJs too!

Auntie Steph looked BEAUTIFUL, and was a very happy bride! She spent a lot of time dancing with me, and hanging out with her little boy! She couldn't get over how cute I looked, and kept telling me so. To her, I say thank you!

Mom and Dad were both in the wedding party, so they got to take lots of pictures, and do a lot of dancing. They had a lot of fun catching up with friends, and family.

She was nice enough to let me play with her pretty necklace, and it was Dad who ruined things by reminding her that I would probably set about destroying it if I had the chance. I really can't help it, though...I get something shiny in my hand, and I just HAVE to start waving my hands around in delight!

The ceremony was very nice, held at Fairfield University....Dad laughed his way through the entire ceremony because another little kid had this crazy little laugh. Dad had tears streaming down his face, and couldn't stop laughing. Uncle Steve caught the giggles, and even the groomsmen next to them did! I hope there's some of it caught on video...Dad is a dork soemtimes!

The reception was also fun, held at the Woodwinds in Branford. The weather turned out to be really nice, and a lot of Steph's friends and family showed up.

Unfortunately, the wedding took its toll on me, what with seeing so many people that I hadn't seen in a long time. Everyone is always so nice to me, and always wants to see me, but I was a tired little guy...thankfully, my cousin Cynthia was there to keep an eye on me, and help me get some shuteye.

But enough about me! After all, even though I am remarkably adorable, and stunningly modest, this day was about my Auntie Stephanie. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't upstage my beautiful Auntie. We welcomed Uncle Brian into the fold, and the two of them enjoyed their Wedding Day.

As they go off on their much-deserved honeymoon, I wish them all the best, and I can't wait to party like that again!!


Aunt Cyndi said...

Great pictures Sam/Dad

The Dot said...

Thanks very much, Aunt Cyndi! It was easy to take such nice pictures, since it was a gorgeous day, and we had so much fun!