Sunday, August 9, 2009

Baby Tour 2009_Leg_4_Part_2_Mike and Jill's Wedding

In an attempt to upstage a bride and groom yet again, since Auntie Stephanie and Uncle Brian maintained their hold on the attention at their recent wedding, I went to my Mom's cousin's wedding....and failed yet again.

The wedding was beautiful, very simple, tasteful, and a lot of fun!

Mom's cousins Jill and Mike got married outside in front of a little gazebo overlooking a lake. The weather was perfect, and the wedding was very sweet to behold.

This was our first experience with my Jeep Stoller, and I took on the hilly, dirt path up to the gazebo without a hint of worry. We conquered it all!!

During the wedding, JustRichy entertained me with Mr. Lyon, among other things...

And of course, after he made that silly face, and did the "7 Eggs" routine originated by my Dad, I reacted in THIS way:

One of the favors was a foldable fan for people to cool themselves throughout the ceremony (along with bubbles with I recommend HEARTILY) and they let me play with it, since they were wrapped in a crinkly plastic which I LOVE playing with!

Once the wedding ceremony was over, we took some pictures, and headed inside for the reception. Mike is in a band, and knows lots of friends in bands, and so they play at each other's events! How cool is THAT!? Their first dance was fast, and unique, and the band that played was pretty good. The food was tasty, and everyone seemed to be having a good time...

I, of course, was sleeping pattern gets thrown off whenever I travel long distances, and this was no exception.

Gramma Mindy let me have some water which I am enamored with, especially on a hot day (Don't one gives me too much, and they are very careful with giving it to me...

I even got to see my Godmother, Amber for awhile....she said that I don't have fun when I'm with her, but I keep trying to assure that it's just because of how tired I tend to be when I see her...also, when you keep a napkin this close to me...I'm having plenty of me!
Alas, much as I tried, I just couldn't stay Dad ended up rocking me to sleep. I managed to snag a picture with the bride and groom (Which is really like getting a picture with a celebrity at these weddings) but I was, of course, sleeping...Look how Gramma Mindy, and Amber part when a photo of me is requested. They're well trained. :-P
We had to go right home after the wedding, so that was a little rough on me, and doubly rough on Mom and Dad who had to drive with evil alter ego which comes out rarely, but with such's hard to contain.

And off we went on a long, tough drive home...but we still did it! Another great weekend, with its share of challenges...but great nonetheless!

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