Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Huge Birthday Party!!

Last month, things worked out well enough with both location and planning that we decided to go up to Pennsylvania for a surprise birthday party for my second cousin.

At least I THINK he's my second cousin...he's Dad's first cousin, if that helps you figure it out.

So we all hopped in the car and drove up to a small town in Pennsylvania called Dilsburg, where some of our cousins live. In addition to that, because it was such a huge party, Dad's family from Connecticut was all coming! Uncle Steve, Aunt Amy, Uncle Brian and Auntie Steph, Braelynn, Nicholas, Gramma Debbie and Grandpa! I mean...that is a HUGE cast of characters!
It was actually the first time we were able to take a picture of all of us at once! How great was that?

In addition to all of our immediate family on Dad's side, and lots of extended family on my Dad's side, there were also so many friends and family that it was a little overwhelming, but it ended up being fun for all.

When it got a little too overwhelming for me, I took a walk with Gramma Debbie to relax a little, and get a look at their nice yard. It was fun, and definitely helped me get more comfortable with the event. Once we went on our little walk, it was a lot easier to go back into the party.

I was happy that I had that time to relax, because once I went back inside, I had SO much fun! I got to play with all of my cousins, and they were very welcoming!

I got to play some Rock Band with my cousins and some of their friends down in the basement. They let me use the black guitar, which was really really cool. The guitar was of a slightly different design than I am used to, but I did what I could. It was also a little big, but I think I rocked it pretty well.

And after all of that, I discovered that the house featured a kitty cat! He let me chase him around, and it was lots of fun! I don't know that I've ever had the chance to play with an orange kitty before...he was very pretty!

We had to go a little early, so that we could drive back home before my bedtime, but not before I got to jump on the couch with my cousin for a little while...

Mom asked us to get off the couch, because it isn't really polite to jump on other peoples' couches, but not before she snapped a picture of us having a blast...

It was so much fun....we had a nice, uneventful drive back home, and I got to sleep in the car for awhile. I hope we get to see that part of the family again this summer now that we know how close they actually are! It was only a couple hours, and it was SUCH a beautiful drive...They live in such a nice area...

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