Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Jeez...was Easter really, like, almost a month ago? As you can see, it's taken some time to get back into the rhythm of posting blog entries...but let me take you back...

Since Dad had to make a pre-Easter trip to Connecticut, he decided to bring me with him, and make a weekend out of it.

Since it was a few days before Easter, I got to hang out with my Dad's side of the family and do a pre-game type of Easter with them!

Gramma Debbie had an Easter basket waiting for me, and it was wrapped up so nice!!

She helped me unwrap it to get at all the awesome gifts that awaited me inside!!

There was a sweet, fun card for me, some bubbles (which I have been enjoying, by the way...) lots of candy, some plastic Easter Eggs, and even a few bucks to put in my piggy bank!!!

I was so excited about the money, I got down to show Layla some of my haul. She seemed more interested in sniffing at the money than looking at it, but I suppose that's just her way of showing that she's excited about something.

Later in the day, Grandpa took me out to show me the work he was doing on his boat. He hopes to have it all pimped out so that he can take me out fishing on it when I get a little older. I am both excited and terrified at this prospect....

My cousins Braelynn and Nicholas were there (Nick was sleeping, so I don't have any pictures with him, but I did give him lots of kisses when he was in his baby travel bucket)

Braelynn and I got along really well! She had just started walking, so I was chasing her around, and letting her chase me!!

And get a load of that adorable is this kid? And that's coming from a super-adorable kid....

I even brought her a few toys without being prompted. I showed her how they worked, and we had fun playing together...

Auntie Steph gave me some new clothes (a shirt which I can't get enough of) for Easter, while Uncle Steve and Aunt Amy gave me a Toy Story baseball set....I had to open it immediately, and run outside to play with it! (Somewhere, there's some good video of me whacking Uncle Steve with the bat a few times...)

The set came with several balls, a bat, and a catcher's mitt. I went outside with Gramma Debbie and the kids that lived next door, and played for was SOOOOO much fun...

One of the best parts of the weekend, was when Gramma Debbie was feeding me lunch, and she was having a hard time remembering something she had to do...while she was in the midst of searching for the right word, I finished her sentence, and she started cracking up...this got me going, and before long, we were both giggling messes in the kitchen. It was too funny!

Once again, everyone went their separate ways, and we got to chalk up yet another successful trip back to the MotherLand!

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