Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Tree With Gramma Mindy and Richy!

Continuing the celebration of the week leading up to Christmas, I get to tell you about getting a Christmas tree for Gramma Mindy!!

Over the Thanksgiving weekend a few weeks ago, I got to go along with Gramma Mindy, Mom and JustRichy to the farm to get the tree....while they had lovely trees out front, I insisted on getting one cut from the ground out in the field.

I'm a purist....sue me!

I ran around the rows of trees, trying to help them find the most perfect one...there were all different sizes and styles of tree....but I finally found the one that I thought best suited Gramma Mindy's living room, both in size and needle-style!
Once we found it, I kept an eye on Richy as he cut down the tree, offering nuggets from my extensive knowledge of tree cutting....luckily, he listened to me, and not only did he emerge with all ten fingers and toes, but it was a marvelous cut which should promote the tree's water absorption pretty well, keeping it alive and kicking all during  the Christmas season!
They tied the tree to the top of our car, and while they did, Gramma Mindy kept an eye on me. We walked around and enjoyed the tree farm...there was even a little river with a peaceful trickle of water to was a clear, lovely day, and we really enjoyed being out there....
After getting the tree taken care of, we went out to Friendly's to get some dinner and dessert. I had a lot of fun playing with JustRichy...
We were quite the goofy pair. He, Buzz Lightyear, and I couldn't help but be excited and giddy about all the fun we were having...we played a modified version of peek-a-boo that included copy-catting...
I even got to share an ice cream sundae...while it was messy, I must say that Friendly's makes a heckuva tasty sundae!!!
I, of course, helped supervise the moving of the tree from the car outside to Gramma Mindy's house. We brought it in, and my supervision helped ensure that it was done safely, effectively, and in a way that honored and celebrated Christmas....
We had so much fun!

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