Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Trip to the Baltimore Aquarium!

As the holidays start to ramp up, things are getting super busy down here....I'm glad that we've found time to do some fun stuff in the last few weeks!!

Mom took a day off recently so that we could all go to The National Aquarium in Baltimore....originally we were planning on going when Mom was in Baltimore for business, but the timing didn't work out quite right, so we made a pact to go while I was still free (they start charging at age 3....so we had very little time!)

We were very excited to all have a day off together! We had a nice breakfast, and then headed up to Baltimore in our new (to us) car! We were so excited, that we ran through the leaves to get to the museum really fast!

We entered the first section which wasn't all that exciting (And elicited a disappointed "THIS is the aquarium?" from me....) but then we moved into the first area that housed the Rays, sharks, and a big sea turtle...

It was so fun to get to stand on the catwalks and alongside the large pool to watch them swim....they were really neat. 

Dad was nice enough (since Mom was a little under the weather) to pick me up and help me see over the railings to the pools down below. I really loved watching all of them swimming around down there.

The sea turtle was missing one of his flippers, but was still doing a great job swimming around!

The Aquarium was doing a huge exhibit on jellyfish, and I got to watch a lot of different types of jellyfish floating around their tanks...there were so many different kinds of jellyfish, with so many different shapes, colors and styles...they were beautiful yet creepy.

As you can tell, I was a bit weirded out, yet fascinated by the jellyfish...wouldn't YOU be?

There was also a very cool rainforest exhibit that you could walk around in, and see even more animals. There were lots of birds, and turtles, and even some little monkey-like critters in the trees (Although I had to take the aquarium worker's word for it, since I never actually saw the monkey-type-thing hiding up in a tree...)

Later we moved on to a kid's section that had a lot of fun stuff for kids to do...they had a puppet stage, stuff that you could attach to the wall with velcro, a fallen tree where we could explore and look for animals and insects, along with my personal favorite, a sandbox with lots of shells hidden within... 

Though we didn't go in for the dolphin show, we got to go downstairs underneath the big pool that was the spot for the show...The downstairs had a really nice area where you could watch everything that the dolphins did underwater. Mom got some nice shots of me checking out the beautiful dolphins gliding through the water. It was so nice, and so very peaceful....

A great time was had by all at The Aquarium....I can't wait to go back someday! Here is a very rare picture of all of us together at the same time during the daytime...Mom is awesome for taking a day off so we could have this great day together! And yeah....Dad's eyes are closed in the picture below, but it's such an awesome picture in general that we let it slide...we decided to go with "He is closing his eyes to drink in the joy of the moment..."

Or something. :-) Either way...great pic, great day!

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tiffky doofky said...

I love this picture! Thanks for sharing, Sam :)