Saturday, December 17, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011!

Getting back to happier things, I have to obviously catch you up a bit (as is typical this time of year)

As usual, we were generally busy, with Dad working on a novel in November, and working on the holiday stuff, but that was all compounded by our situation with Norma....we did our best to keep doing stuff, and think we succeeded on most fronts.

A few weeks back, we went back to Connecticut for Thanksgiving...since Dad missed last year, we did it at Gramma Debbie's and Grandpa's (Though JustRichy and Gramma Mindy were kind enough to join us.)

There were a lot of people there this year....Auntie Steph, Uncle Brian, Uncle Steve and Aunt Amy, Braelynn and was a very well-attended event!

As usual, it was a lovely spread, and everyone seemed to enjoy the meal very much.

I, of course, was being a bit finicky, and didn't really eat much of my actual Thanksgiving meal...I'm sure that someday I will be a bit better about eating. It looked and smelled good, but I don't know...I simply wasn't in the mood to eat...
Gramma Debbie helped out by making me a special bowl of Mac n Cheese, and promising me that I could have a bowl of pudding if I ate it all...suffice to say, I ate it all pretty quickly, and was happier for it....wouldn't you be?

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