Monday, December 12, 2011


Today, our cat Norma died. I don't know every detail, but Mom and Dad told me that she had gotten very old, and was going to die. They were very nice, and sat me down to explain to me that after this morning I wouldn't get to see her anymore. They were very gentle and honest with me, and I appreciated that. I said my goodbyes, gave her a big hug and a kiss, and told her that I loved her. She and I were very good friends. I have known her since I was born, and even though I'm sure that at first she didn't appreciate my invasion of the lower two feet of the apartment which she had ruled for years, we soon became fast friends.

I would always say goodnight to her before bed, even when she was hiding in the closet and sleeping ("Goodnight Norma, wherever you are!") and when she was around, she was always very patient, letting me pet her, and snuggle up to her so I could feel her purring against my cheek. I really loved whenever she would hide under the covers and sleep, leaving a little Norma-Shaped ball in the bed (See picture below) I would gently poke her sometimes, and watch the little ball squirm, but then she went back to sleep.

Sometimes during bedtime, she would pop into my bedroom to say 'hi' (Which she actually did last night) and I got to pet her before I lay down to go to sleep...

She even let me chase her around sometimes, which was nice. I got to feed her snacks, and her and I played together a lot, especially when she would hide in her favorite boxes (basically any box that was new to the apartment) and I would scratch at the outside while listening to her jump around in there.

By far, my favorite thing was when I would be sitting in my high chair eating dinner, and she would sneak up without me knowing, brushing her tail against my feet. It would tickle like crazy, and just when I thought I couldn't take anymore, she would lick my toes and I realized that I couldn't be happier. That was my favorite.

I will miss having her around, and will always remember her as my first kitty. Enjoy the pictures below, as they are some of my favorites.

Look at me chasing that kitty kat....we were really good friends....


Gramma Mindy said...

I will miss Norma, too.

The Dot said...

Thanks....though she was a bit skittish around you (as she was with many people) I'm sure she liked you a lot. :-)