Friday, June 8, 2012

An Epic May Weekend Visit: Friday

Dad had some plans to hang out with friends on Friday, so he brought me to go and hang out at Gramma Mindy's for the day.I was a little leery since I had been informed that Gramma Mindy had a houseguest for the Uncle Mat and Aunt Mallory's dog, Marley.

 Yeah, he looks small and cute, but to me, he was terrifying...

When I got to Gramma Mindy's, I initially refused to get out of the car until i could see that the dog was safely tucked away on the back porch, which he was.

Dad tried to explain that I couldn't see the dog from where I was sitting, so I had to get out and look. I, of course, countered with what I thought was a pretty solid plan: I would hang out with Gramma Mindy while sitting in my car seat.

Dad was finally able to convince me to get out and check out the dog...he looked harmless enough, but BOY was he excitable!

Luckily he and I were able to come to a peace agreement that benefited us both....I would continue to regard him with cautious acceptance, if he agreed to not lick my toes.

We got along great.

While I have no pictures, Gramma Mindy and I DID manage to make it over to the beach as well...I got to play over there for awhile, which I always enjoy, and then when I got back, she let me play with an old toy set that she found at her school. It was really cool because the whole thing was self-contained in its own case.

There were cars and soldiers to play with, and I really had a great time with them. This is one of those toys that "lives at Gramma Mindy's" so I know it'll always be there for me to play with. It's always nice to have little satellite stashes of toys in various places. How cool is that?
Later on, since Dad was going to be coming in late, Gramma Mindy changed me into pajamas, and tucked into bed. I fell into a blissful slumber and only awoke briefly when Dad showed up to bring me back to Gramma Debbie's for the night...twas a lovely day. :-)

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Gramma Mindy said...

You really make my photographic efforts look good. Maybe someday I'll get a picture of you and Marley closer together.