Wednesday, June 6, 2012

An Epic May Weekend Visit: Thursday

Dad had a special long weekend in Connecticut planned (Which of course led to Mom having a VERY special weekend back at home...this was her FIRST long weekend without me, Dad OR being on a work trip, so she got to have a nice weekend filled with pedicures, dinner with friends, reading, and yeah...a bit of work ) This meant I got to go to Connecticut for an unprecedented four-day weekend. I started right off hanging out with the family. Unfortunately, my Auntie Steph and cousin Braelynn were out of town, but that meant I got to spend even MORE time than usual with Aunt Amy, Uncle Steve, and my cousin Nicholas.
Right off the bat on our first day, Aunt Amy took us on some cool wagon rides up and down the hill at Gramma Debbie's place...she was a lot of fun, and Nicholas and I had a blast...
Look at this kid! He is getting so big!! Luckily he and Braelynn are both getting bigger, so that they can play with me even more than they used to! They were already fun, but NOW they are even MORE fun!

There wasn't a lot going on that day outside of some playing, relaxing and a nice dinner together, since Thursday was the day we did our driving as well. It was a pretty good drive that Dad and I had, so we were in a pretty good mood when we got to Connecticut.

What a GREAT weekend, so far!

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