Sunday, September 13, 2009

An Epic Journey Part I-Connecticut!

Earlier this month (and at the tail end of July) I mentioned that I was about to embark on an epic journey. This was to be my finest moment, but also one of the most difficult that I have endured during my time on this Earth.

Due to the way the timing worked out, Mom and Dad were invited to a wedding in Maine (in Portland) in August, which is when they usually go to the family cabin in Northern Maine. It was my Dad's oldest friend, and they couldn't possibly miss it, so they shuffled their Maine trip around a bit and decided to combine the wedding in Portland, and the Maine cabin vacation.

And THEN they thought, "We wanna take Gramma Debbie to see West Side Story in New York City, since it's her favorite play....why don't we add THAT to the mix, too!"

Suffice to was gonna be a long couple weeks.

We drove up on Thursday, July 30, since the play was that night. We had a long drive, and by the end of it, I was all done being in the car seat.

This would prove to be a theme of mine throughout the rest of the week.

Mom and Dad dropped me off with Gramma Mindy and met Gramma Debbie at the train station. I saw them off, and they were off to the big city, while I got to spend the night with Gramma Mindy.

Mom, Dad and Gramma Debbie enjoyed the play very much, and even though it was sometimes difficult, they pulled it off.

In an effort to visit Gramma Debbie before we headed up to Maine, we drove out in a pretty vicious storm (Which actually ended up being a tornado in some places) and right before Gramma's exit, a tree fell across the highway, effectively closing it down.

I must say, I kept pretty calm throughout the ordeal, and got to see a big construction truck zoom by to help clean up the mess, but I was done with this little sidetracking by the end of it. Mom tried singing many songs, and Dad let me drive a little bit...

But really, I was just exhausted. The tree stopped us for almost two hours, though it felt like days...

We finally made it to Gramma Debbie's, and Mom and Dad ate dinner while everyone tried to calm me down...I was pretty upset. I didn't think I'd have to spend all that extra time in the car. :-(

And with that, my time in Connecticut had come to a close yet again, and I was off to Maine for the first time...

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