Monday, September 14, 2009

An Epic Journey Part II: A Wedding on a Boat! (With an Island Reception!)

After Friday's little adventure...we loaded up the car on Saturday and headed to points North. Our car was packed to within an inch of its life (Sorry...I require lots of stuff...Dad keeps teasing Mom that we have to buy a minivan....Mom won't have it.)

The trip to Portland was quite long (9 or 10 hours or so) and by the end of it, I am not ashamed to admit that I was a wreck.

After a projectile vomiting laced stop on the highway (We had to stop a lot to give me a break from the carseat....c'mon, man...I give you guys SO much more quiet time in that thing than a lot of kids.) We powered on into Portland. Staying on the cheap, we hit our HOJOS which smelled like a delicate mix of smoke and mold.

Suffice to say, we asked for a different room.

Next was another crying-filled (though thankfully brief) drive from the hotel to the pre-wedding dinner. After being mired in traffic downtown within sight of the restauarnt, Mom freed me from my plastic prison, and walked me to the restaurant. Everyone was really excited to see us, and I dutifully fulfilled my role as "community baby", being passed around.

The place was this great little flatbread pizza place on the water in downtown Portland. We were right on the water, so I got to see a lot of seagulls, and boats. The food took awhile, so we got to hang out there for awhile. After dinner, I fell asleep in Mom and Dad's friend Laura's arms, and was whisked away to sleep...

The next morning, we woke up bright and early to head over to the boat.

That's right...the title of this blog is not just a clever reference to the humorous SNL Digital Short....the wedding itself was actually held on the boat! A schooner to be exact. The Wendameen.

Upon arriving, I discovered that Dad's friend has a thing about monkeys at weddings (He tried to arrange a real one at Mom and Dad's wedding, but apparently monkeys don't grow on trees...they just hang in them) I was able to meet the monkey, and I have to say, we got along famously right off the bat...

Here, Dad's friend's Mom shows me the monkey (Cleverly dressed as a sailor for the boat ride) and I had a really hard time hiding my excitement...

Speaking of hiding my excitement...

The boat ride was SO...MUCH....FUN!

Let me say this again...SO MUCH FUN!

Everyone was super helpful on the boat, with people helping Mom and Dad carry my stroller, and entertain me. It was so much fun! While it was a bit chilly, Dad kept me strapped to him in the Bjorn, and I hardly felt it. I also got to wear my adorable hoody for the first time.

The long-awaited wedding finally began, and after some heartfelt vows, Chris & Lynette were married. I had a great view, and aside from crying at the end of the vows (It wasn't the emotion of it all...clapping scares me, and people clapped at the end of the vows...don't ask why clapping scares me. I have yet to figure it out, but if I do, you'll be the first to know.)

The sun came out right after their vows, which was super cool! (and helped warm us up a bit) As a final surprise, Dad's friend's monkey (who got gussied up for occasion) finally got his bride, and the two of them looked so very happy together!

We continued on to a small island called Cow's Island for the reception! While everyone dined on sumptuous appetizers and drinks, I took the opportunity to catch a little cat nap...

Once dinner started in earnest, belly dancers arrived, which I thought was pretty cool. Their belts jingled, and really...that's the best way to keep my attention. They were really nice to me, and got a kick out of me watching them. Again, people insisted on clapping, which was a little upsetting, but as long as there was just music and dancing, I was OK.

During dinner, Dad's friend, Mike let me play with a lobster claw (I was thoroughly cleaned afterward) It was really cool! Smelly, but cool.

I tried my first blueberries, which Mom and Dad's friend Laura mashed up for me. I liked the taste of them, but the skins weren't doing it for me.

The wedding blew right by, and before I knew it we were back on the schooner, and off to dock in Portland. (Apparently, I also slept for awhile)

Did I mention I also got to play with the monkey again for a little while? The groom was kind enough to let me hold him while his sister held me...Again, I find it hard to contain myself...

Continuing our adventure, we hopped into the car straight away, and drove on to Houlton, Maine....location of Mom's family's cabin!

I was exhausted, but I powered through, and only had to stop a couple times for a break...

Next first time in Houlton!

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