Wednesday, September 2, 2009 with clapping!

The past few days has seen me start clapping for things that make me happy...and things that kind of make me happy...and things that I deem worthy of applause just because I find them worthy of it, even if it's not necessarily amusing...I am quite sneaky about clapping, and then quickly stopping when Mom or Dad tries to take a picture of me, but as you can see above, Dad not only connived me into a still shot, but even got a bit of video. It's a lot of fun to clap, and I wholeheartedly endorse it!

I have also begun waving, but am a bit embarrassed by how rough it is. It is nowhere near the graceful wave goodbye or hello that it should be. Rather, it's a flopping, sort-of least I'm waving in your general direction...many kids wave at themselves first, and I think to myself, "Don't do it! The grown-ups are gonna laugh at you!" but they don't, whenever I wave, I merely ask that people say "Byyyee! Hello!!" in a higher than usual pitch voice, and wave madly at me...

So go me! Give me, uh, a round of I can join you!

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