Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My first plane ride!!

I don't have any pictures of my first plane ride, but here is a picture of me being cute and happy as a substitute. I know you guys come for the pictures and stay for the musings of the baby. :-)

Mom and I flew down to South Caroline to see my Uncle Mat graduate from the Marine Academy (more on that later) and I had to take my first flight. The flight out wasn't too bad, and Mom was nice enough to walk me around when I got a bit testy. Luckily I didn't have any problems with my ears popping (Though they did get a bit uncomfortable)

A problem we DID end up encountering, was that Gramma Mindy got delayed pretty badly. This was a bummer, because Mom and I were supposed to meet up with her in Carolina, so we then had to wait.

I felt awful for Gramma Mindy, but she ended up making it out there, and we continued on towards our little hotel.

For the return flight, I was a little less pleasant, and didn't quite understand why Mom couldn't walk me up and down the aisles like she was doing during the flight. Stupid safety regulations...

After a comedy of errors regarding the luggage carousel, (which I thankfully slept through) The airplane people also forgot to put Mom's luggage on the plane with Mom and I, so we were without her bag (Luckily we had my bag, and that we were heading home where most of her clothes live anyways, so it wasn't such a desperate situation to have hers.) We found out that we weren't alone, as a bunch of other people had the same problem from the same flight, and Gramma Mindy had the same problem on a different flight.

But on to Uncle Mat's graduation!!!


Gramma Mindy said...

We do love to see the pictures, and any delay I had was worth it knowing I was getting to spend time with you.

The Dot said...

You do realize that I'm probably going to get my mother's ego, and you're doing nothing to help keep it any smaller, right? :-P