Tuesday, October 30, 2012

2012 Halloween Party & Trick-or Treating At Daycare

While we were hunkered down for the storm (We didn't get it too bad down here, though I tried to go outside to play in some puddles, and immediately turned back around once I got a taste of the wind out there...Luckily we have checked in with nearly all of our family, and they are all OK...some are without power, but otherwise...all is well...)

I figured I should keep updating you on our Halloween festivities...

As always, we had the big parade/party at my daycare!

 I was VERY excited to be wearing this year's costume...BUZZ LIGHTYEAR! Look at how DETAILED this thing is!
It took a little while for me to warm up to the parade, but once I did...
I have waited, quite literally, since last Halloween to be able to wear this costume...I loved being The Cat in The Hat, but once I knew I could be Buzz, I knew that I would expect nothing less than Buzz for 2012
I was thrilled to be wearing such a fun, realistic costume.I looked JUST like Buzz!
It even had a laser drawn on, so that I could properly defend the universe against the evil Emperor Zurg!!
While we waited for the Trick or Treating to begin, we were treated to some Halloween stories from our teachers...it was a lot of fun!
When it was our turn to go upstairs, we got to go through the office building that our daycare is in, and say "Trick or Treat!" (that part was crucial) so that we could snag some candy from the people that worked there. They thought we were really cute, and were also pretty generous with the candy!
Some of them even let us pick candy ourselves...it was great!
I got such a solid variety...one of my best friends and I traded notes on what we got for treats!

Right afterward, I sat down and proclaimed "Let's see what we got!!" There was a great assortment of stuff...Milky Ways, M&Ms, Crunch Bars (In that beautiful blue wrapper....one of my favorites!)
This is the closest I got to allowing a normal picture to be taken between my friend and I....I make you work for it...
After our Trick or Treating, we sat down to a nice party dinner, thrown by our teachers and parents!

There was lots of great food, desserts, and conversation to be had!
After we ate, we all performed a story that we had parts in (I didn't have a part, but supported all my friends that got lines in the story!) We also had a dance routine that we worked on for WEEKS. While I only sort of did the moves (I disagreed with some of the choices made by our choreographer) it was still a lot of fun, and the parents really appreciated all the hard work we (and our teachers!) put in...
On the way home, Dad and I played "Space Rangers!" and ran around a lot...he was Emperor Zurg, and I battled him for control of the universe!! We had SO much fun! Finally, Emperor Zurg and Buzz became friends so that we could go inside and get some rest...

The End!

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