Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fire Department Open House!

The fire department near our apartment (The one that sends many a fire truck screaming past our apartment at all hours of the night) had an open house recently! They had all their fire trucks on display, they had snacks, and were offering tours of the fire house...
Inside, I met this little fella...a fire hydrant painted up to look like a dog! They do their best to make the fire station a welcoming home away from home, since they spend so much time there...there was a gym, and TV, and lots of stuff to do!
In the main bay, we got to see all the supplies and the lockers that the fire fighters keep them in!
There were balloons (My first one popped, devastating me, but I learned a valuable lesson about not running the balloon into the bushes as I walked, and since we were only across the street when it happened, Dad was nice enough to bring me back to get a new one)
I thought it was pretty cool to get an up close look at all the buttons, and lights on the sides of the was a lot of fun...I was feeling a bit tired and grumpy, so we didn't stay long, but I really enjoyed the time we had...
Dad even convince me to get a quick picture in front of the old timey fire truck they had on was really cool, but he didn't manage to get me to sit on it and turn the hand crank for the alarm...I just wasn't feeling it. Maybe next year. :-)

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