Sunday, October 28, 2012

2012 Pumpkin Picking!

As Halloween approaches, we decided it was time to head out to Homestead Farms to get some pumpkins for our home.
Mom asked me how big our pumpkin was going to be, and I showed her!

I also showed her how my big muscles would be able to carry it easily!
Just like we did last year, we hopped a fun little hay ride to take us out to the fields...we had a rollicking good time!
I buried Monkey in the hay, and he had a good time, too!
The real work began when we got out to the field...I made sure to tell Mom and Dad all about the very specific nature of getting just the right pumpkin. I had chosen a green one, just to mix stuff up, but it turned out to have a bad spot on it, so I skipped it..
I continued my quest, scrutinizing even the finest color, readiness for Jack-O-Lantern face, stem length and color, etc....always checking for soft spots...
I finally decreed that not only had I found a suitable pumpkin (with Mom's expert help) I would also be living out in the pumpkin patch indefinitely...I found the scenery beautiful, the weather agreeable, and the numerous pumpkins a difficult to beat decorative flourish.
Mom and Dad convinced me that my plan had a few holes in it, so I agreed to get back on the hayride, and simply visit the pumpkin patch, rather than live here...
I felt pretty good about our choice of pumpkin...I made sure to hold onto it nice and tight as we rode the hayride!
I was not feeling particularly generous with my smiles, so Mom made the decision to join me in my sullenness....
We also found another smaller pumpkin for Dad to bring to work (Tragically, right after this photo was taken, we found a bad spot on the pumpkin, and swapped it out for another, equally awesome pumpkin)
I finally acquiesced to having my picture taken in the little apple display (That's Dad trying to get out of frame after helping to convince me to take the photo)
We grabbed some cider and apple butter, and were on our way...we skipped the animals this year, since they kind of freak me out, and headed home with our Autumnal Haul....I do so love doing this every year! Can't WAIT for Halloween...Dad got the gloves for my costume (The rest of it will be here in a few days) and I have been playing with them in their package ever since...I am SO excited about Halloween!

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