Friday, October 19, 2012

My First Homework Assignment

At preschool, they sent us home with our first "At-Home" assignment (I guess the bigger kids call it "Homework", but they left out "work" in our version to maybe make it more appealing....I don't know...)
The project involved all three of us working together on a leaf that would go onto a big tree in my classroom. We got a leaf to trace in our assignment packet, and I got to choose the color. We went to the craft store and I chose pink. I also chose a bunch of other stuff to go on the leaf. Since I love animals so much, and we used to live near the zoo, I got a lot of stickers that represented that!
We centered our project around a family photo, and each added a little something to it...then Dad cut it out (making sure not to chop off any animals) and we brought it in to add to the tree at school! It was a fun assignment, and I loved getting to do some arts and crafts with Mom and Dad!!

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