Monday, June 24, 2013

Beardsley Zoo, Spring 2013!

A few weeks ago, we went up to Connecticut to celebrate the baptism of our friends Mike and Laura's daughter, Hannah. Dad was going to be The Godfather, and we were really excited to be joining them. Since the baptism was on Sunday, we decided to go up a couple days early, and spend some more time with the family. Everyone got together on Saturday, and we went out to The Beardsley Zoo!

Nicholas and I were thick as thieves that day!
Braelynn and Gramma Debbie came along, too! We all had lots of fun seeing so many cool animals, like wolves, tigers, and deer!
Of course we had to visit the prairie dog exhibit. A favorite of everyone in the group!
Not only did I walk with Nicholas, I tried to school him on some of the nature and animals around us. I don't know how much he was listening, though...
Mom, Braelynn and I did a lot of running around, and we got to see a really big hairy animal. I don't even know if there is actually an animal under all that hair! What IS that guy!?
All of us kids went into the bird enclosure together to check out the large variety of birds that the Zoo featured.
We all got to walk around together, Mom, two Grammas, and Braelynn. There was a lot of walking, and we were pretty tired. I definitely had a few meltdown moments, since I was pretty exhausted by the end of it.
Hey! Bald eagles!!
After lunch, we found ourselves at a really cool playground. I chased Brae and Nick around...
...but then Mom turned the tables and started chasing ALL OF US around!!
She managed to get Nicholas, who was easily distracted, but there was no way she was getting me or Brae!
To wrap up the day, we went on a carousel together. I insisted on sitting on the bench that didn't go up and down, while Dad went with Braelynn on a horse. She also decided that she didn't want to go up and down, so Dad held her instead while we went around and this point I was pretty exhausted, and quite a bit crabby. I missed the bench I wanted to sit in the second time around, so the ride operator was nice enough to let us wait at the front of the line for the next time the carousel went around. We thanked him a lot.
I managed to smile through the tears for a nice picture of Mom and I on the carousel. I really wanted to have a smiling picture of the two of us, so I worked really hard to get one. I had a lot of fun with her, and wanted to capture the moment.
So...right before we left, here's a random thing that happened. Apparently there was a woman feeding nuts or sunflower seeds or something to some peacocks that were loose in the zoo. A kid must have come up to her and asked if he could feed them, too, and rightfully so the woman said that he should ask his parents. The woman came up to my Dad and started a conversation thinking that the kid was me, but it simply wasn't. Dad looked SO confused. We figured we'd go with it, so the woman gave me a nut (or seed...I can't remember) to feed the peacock, and sure enough it took it right out of my hand! It was SO cool! I have to send out some thanks to the random kid that looks like me that asked if he could feed the peacock too. Thanks, man!

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