Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Friend Skyler's Birthday Party!

One of best friends had her birthday party recently at a nearby park that featured a little train you could take a ride on!

Mom and Dad joined me, too! They were really enjoying the tranquility of the ride...
...while I sat with my friend Jason and acted silly with him!
Here is Mom enjoying the ride on the train...look how pretty she is! She must really be having fun...
...but not as much fun as Jason and I are while we continue the attempt to be the silliest people on the train!
The train took us all through the was a nice long ride!
Once we were done with the train, we went inside and got to see a magic show by CupCake The Clown. She was a lot of fun! She did lots of cool magic tricks, and a mini puppet show with a dog. She also created some very cool balloon animals, swords, flowers and guitars!

Guess which one I had her make ME!?
Within about 68 seconds of this triumphant photo of me, my friends, and our swords, all three swords had popped independently of one another. It was later described by both of my parents as 'tragically hilarious' We loved them while we had them, though...and not only that, but Cupcake was nice enough to make us replacement swords. Apparently, this has happened before.

On the upside, this time I got to choose my own color. :-)

After the party wound down with pizza, cake, and candy, some of my friends and I (and a couple of the crazier parents) went out to the playground at the back of the park. It was lots of fun! I will rarely turn down a playground!

Finally, after so much running around, climbing, and getting dirty, it was time to head home, having celebrated yet another successful birthday party!

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