Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dad Comes to School to read to my class!

During the last month or two, we celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday by inviting parents into the classroom to read some of their favorite Dr. Seuss stories. Since Dad has Fridays off, we made a special trip into school so he could join us as our guest in the reading series.

He brought two books with him...the Cat in the Hat Comes Back, and Green Eggs and Ham. We got to vote on which one we wanted him to read, and The Cat in the Hat Comes Back won. I was so excited and proud to stand up in front of the class with him while he read to us. He did a pretty good job, and held everyone's attention. Sometimes he'd forget to hold the book where everyone could see the pictures, but we were happy to gently remind him to move it a little.

Since we had extra time, he got to read Green Eggs and Ham, too! I was excited to sit with him and even helped tell a couple parts of the story to help him out. A couple of the teachers were really excited to hear this one, since they really liked it.

I thought it was really cool that they did this guest reader program (Mom's schedule prevented her from joining in, but hopefully if we do this again soon, she can participate next time!)

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