Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My new Room Decorations....Toy Story Style!!

When we were back in Connecticut recently, Gramma Debbie gave Mom and Dad some really cool stickers for me to decorate my room with!


She had already done up Nicholas' room with them, and they looked really cool! Mom, Dad and I got together on a recent family day to put them up all over my wall!

All three of us put up the stickers (some of which glow in the DARK! Isn't that AMAZING!?!)

I think we did a pretty good job! They looked really cool when they were done, and we balanced them out so nicely!
I insisted on taking a tough guy face picture, which Dad was kind enough to take for me...
But he also convinced me to show off just how excited I was by my new decorations!! TOO COOL!!!
Even Laura thought so! She keeps jumping up and swiping at them to get them down....silly cat!

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