Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gramma Mindy's First Spring Visit 2013

Why not follow up my winter flashback detailing Gramma Mindy's last winter visit with a post about her first Spring vist!

Once again we visited the tried and true National Building Museum. This time they had an exhibit that featured a bunch of really cool, uniquely-shaped blocks that you could build stuff with!

Mom and I sat down at a table that you could build small-scale stuff on...which was a lot of fun, until you realized what lay in wait for us around the corner...
That's right! Look at these enormous blocks! We were able to put together some massive creations! Not just by utilizing the floor, mind you, but we also hooked the pices into the walls around us in order to really create some unique structures...

...which I then happily smashed.
There was also a really cool motion detector that created blocks on a video screen based on where you were standing, and they crashed down around you when you moved the right way. Super cool! You can see the green outline on the wall that Mom created by standing on the blue square!
I was more enthralled with the physical blocks, both in building with them, and crawling around in the pile of them.
Mom put a lot of thought into the ones that she created, so while I tried to refrain from destroying hers...I promised nothing.

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