Monday, June 17, 2013

Memorial Day in CT 2013!

Mom and I went up to Connecticut for Memorial Day weekend this year since her college reunion fell on the same weekend. Since Mom would be busy up at school with her friends, I got to spend the weekend with Gramma Mindy!
After a nice dinner at Gramma Debbie's we headed up to see Gramma Mindy...

The first few days were pretty cold, but luckily there were lots of indoor activities we were able to take part in! There were even a few leftover Christmas presents that I got to open, including this VERY COOL tool bench. It came with a whole lot of tools, and you could actually use them to pretend you were doing work!

Even though it was pretty cold and rainy for much of the weekend, do you know what it is NEVER too cold for? That's cream! And not just ANY ice cream...but chocolate ice cream with rainbow sprinkles on it! Isn't that AMAZING!? Yum!
I got to spend a bit of time with Mom at her college visiting with her friends and generally being surly since there was a lot of people that were excited to see me, and I find that overwhelming...

Finally on the last day we were home, it was juuuuust warm enough to go visit the splash pad near Gramma Mindy's. Not only that, but Aunt Mallory and Uncle Mat made it over to spend some time with us before we headed out! mmm

Everyone was a bunch of good sports, and they joined me on the splash pad!
It took some bravery on my part, but I finally took my shirt off to face the chilly day and go nuts in the water!

Uncle Mat did a great job triggering the water from the pylon that held the magic button. I think he enjoyed messing with me and spraying water at me! Too fun!
I can never get enough of the splash pad! Even when everyone else was taking a break, Aunt Mallory and I just kept at it! I wasn't going back to DC until I made up for all the lost time that I had to for this cold weekend!

Once again, we had a pretty amazing visit, and we even had very little traffic on the way home, making it a pretty nice way to end the holiday weekend. I was so happy that Mom took some extra time to hang out with everyone. It was so much fun!

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