Sunday, June 9, 2013

Winter FLASHBACK: Visit To Gramma Debbie's in Connecticut

To celebrate the seemingly endless cold weather, I wanted to post a couple shots from the last visit I took to Gramma Debbie's for the winter time...It seems like it took forever for the weather to get warmer, and now that it has, it sometimes feels like we skipped Spring entirely and went straight to Summer!!

Unlike here in DC, Connecticut gets LOTS of snow. It's a good thing I got a new snowsuit for the year! The snow was SO deep! That is Gramma's pool behind me! Look how close I am to the upper railing! Yep...that's how deep the snow was!
The snow was also deep enough (and the perfect consistency) to lay down and make some perfect snow angels! It was pretty obvious that I was having a blast!

After all that playing in the snow, I got to spend time inside warming up with my cousin Nicholas...I SORT OF did a good job sharing the couch and blanket with him. He obvious had an easier time doing that than I did.

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