Tuesday, December 16, 2008


So....if you're watching Prison Break, and haven't gotten caught up yet, here is a major spoiler alert for you all!

(Unless you, like my Dad, has been watching Prison Break since Day One, and saw this coming from episode one of this season...) 

Ready? So...it turns out that Michael Rappaport's character in the show has turned against the Scoffield Boys and their gang, and has turned out to be "Someone that couldn't be trusted and never should have been in the first place."

And guess what? The only thing worse than Michael Rappaport's acting as a do-gooder FBI agent is Michael Rappaport's acting as a backstabbing turn-coat FBI agent.

Exhibit A- Below is a picture Michael Rappaport acting "Happy"
Exhibit B-The other picture is Michael Rappaport acting "Angry"

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