Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Tale of Two Showers Part I: The Belated Baby Shower Post!!

In my haste to discuss all things both Dad's birthday and Halloween related, I completely glossed over the baby shower that some of my lady relatives threw for my mom up in Connect-I-Cut (Yes...I actually have to sound it out in my head to spell it correctly...)

THEN November happened, and everything moved at this odd breakneck pace, where lots was happening, and it was all happening very fast, but nothing was actually getting done.
SO....let's discuss the baby shower!!

First was a blast. Yeah it was! At the top of this post, you can see a "Diaper Cake" that my Aunt Stephanie made. It is actually made from diapers (Thus, the clever name) and ribbon, with small containers of baby lotion, baby powder, binkies and other such accoutrements. You can see from Mom's expression below, that she had such a good time....Our families really know how to throw a party!
People came in from all over...Aunts, cousins, grandparents, friends, and other assorted family all came out for the big shindig!

My Mom's Aunt and Uncle (My Great-Aunt & Great-Uncle?) hosted the event at their house, while my Gramma Mindy (Picture below) provided food and merriment...She did such a good job of snagging food that everyone (Myself included) thought was just superb...
She got a cake (Sort of pictured below) that turned everyone's mouth blue, but still managed to be delicious...somewhere there are pics of that event, but they won't come out until one of those blue-mouthed weirdos are running for office...

Da Gramma was responsible for Aunt Stephanie made some blue lollipops, and Da Gramma offered people a choice of either tea or hot cocoa with a little reminder of the baby shower on it...Examples are pictured below, however my Mom's name is not Katie, and these pictures merely represent the favors.

There were also little cookie cutter favors that had a little poem in them...I can't remember off-hand what the poem said, but it was super cool. 

My Dad felt bad, because he basically showed up, said "Hi" dropped my Mom off, left, drove around for a couple hours, came back, and picked up all the presents, ate some food and left. He felt weird, and tried to thank everyone he could, but thought it odd that he was essentially the one who showed up to collect the gifts and leave...

While he was eating food, he was being a weirdo and just walking around stabbing a fork into the big trays of food, and eating like some kind of animal...he was handed a plate by my Mom's Aunt Patty, and proceeded to immediately drop both a meatball, and stuffed shells on himself. He is obviously not meant to be eating like a civilized human being, and won't be of any use to me when I am learning manners. God, I hope Mom is better...

EDIT: I just received word that my Mom ALSO drops food on herself constantly...There is no hope for me!

Below, is a picture of Mom, Dad, Aunt Steph, Da Gramma and my cousins from North Carolina (Who now live in Pennsylvania) that surprised us by making the trip! They also helped Dad load all the gifts into the car, with what can only be described as military precision. They were a lot of fun for everyone to have around, and were a big help.

From Me, My Mom, and My Dad...everyone was so generous, and gave us so many gifts, and so much love...all we can do is be humbled by your generosity, and appreciative that you have been so good to us all...To anyone who helped plan the shower, contributed, attended, hosted, or thought about us enough to send a gift even if you couldn't come to the baby shower... 


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