Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Gingerbread House With Mom! (Gingerbread Men with Mom AND DAD!)

While Dad was at work, Mom and I continued the tradition of making a gingerbread house!

Mom rolled out the dough, and shaped it into walls and a roof, and we both put it together using icing to hold it together. Using icing as cement is delicious.

We used a variety of candies to decorate the house. As Mom and I both love patterns, there was a lot of patterning going on here...do you see it!?
I also convinced Mom that every house should have a smiley face on the roof. She misunderstood me and thought that the Mike n' Ikes and Dots were going to serve as the teeth for the smile, but I wanted an actual icing smile. So, she was able to adjust things so they looked just how we wanted them to!
We also added hearts to the roof (One for me, one for Mom, and one for Dad!)
There was a Christmas tree on the side of the house, with an M&M tree topper (Which must be way more delicious than a star, right?)
We finished it off with a star, and a little door (How else would one get in and out?) with an M&M as a doorknob. Those M&Ms are pretty versatile.
A few days later, we used the leftover dough to make some gingerbread men!
Once again, Mom used the roller to flatten out the dough, and she handed me a little gingerbread man shaped cookie cutter.
I pressed it down nice and hard, wiggled the cutter a bit, and then we peeled off the leftover pieces.
I added eyes and nose (Also with the ever present M&Ms....have I mentioned that they are delicious, as well as being a reliable decorative tool) We popped the little guys into the oven, baked them and VOILA!

Gingerbread men!

I decorated one of the gingerbread men with frosting, and ate him right up!
He was totally delicious....easily one of the best tasting treat of this delicious holiday season!
Mom said "Alright, Miley Cyrus" when I kept sticking my tongue out...what does that mean?!

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