Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sledding with the big kids!!

Well...it's nothing like the snow my family up North gets, but we did get enough snow to play in last weekend, so I was CERTAINLY going to take advantage of it!

 I got all dressed up in my warm winter wear, and went outside to play with Dad for awhile. I made snow angels, dug in the snow with my shovel, had a few snowball fights, and generally had a great time out in the snow!

I went ahead and dipped my hands into a slush puddle, so Dad had to take me inside to change them...on the way in, a nice guy with his even nice kid walked by and said they were going sledding, and wanted to know if I wanted to come...DID I EVER!? Technically, Gramma Debbie had helped me enjoy my first sledding experience in Connecticut, which I LOVED...but this was my first time heading to a big hill!
We went inside to change gloves, and then joined them over at the high school across the street, where there was a great hill to sled down. The kids were really nice and let me borrow one of their sleds...I was hesitant at first, but then went down a small hill once with Dad...after that I upgraded IMMEDIATELY to the big hill by myself!
I went down a BUNCH of times! Dad helped me bring the sled up to the top of the slippery hill, and I kept going down again!
It was really great, and I was having SO much fun sledding with the other kids while Dad watched...
Out of nowhere, an impromptu snowball fight started, and not only did I hold my own with the older kids, but I got a few good hits in there myself! They were so great to have included me in their games, and also to not be too rough with the little guy...I think they softened some of those snowball throws for me, but they didn't go too easy on me...I got hit plenty! And it was AWESOME!
(I'm the little guy on the right, by the way)
We just ran around until the sun crept down below the horizon, and it started getting too dark (and cold) to keep playing...so we got ready to head in...
But not before I got a few more good throws in! In this cynical world, I love that we just met a couple random people from my building, who shared their sled with us, and let me play with them. It made me feel like the best combination of being a little kid, but kind of a big kid as well! There are still great people out there!

And there are definitely great snowball fights to be had!

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