Sunday, December 29, 2013

Washington Nationals Baseball Game 2013 GAME 1

Continuing our end of the year wrap-up as I arrive back in Maryland after my lovely holiday week in Connecticut:

After talking about it for some time, we FINALLY made it out to a couple baseball games to see the Washington Nationals play!

Now, this wasn't my first baseball game (My first game was chronicled HERE when we were in, I was a cute baby!)

Dad and I both bought hats (Mom already had one from several years ago) and I finally realized my dream of getting a giant foam finger. It was the one thing I asked about as soon as we got our took Mom a second to figure out exactly what I was asking for, but as soon as she did, they were nice enough to buy me one...I LOVED IT!
We had great seats, and could see everything that was happening on the field perfectly. It was a little hot that day, but other than that, the weather was clear and pretty.
Mom and I had some time to ourselves to enjoy the game because Dad went to get us snacks, and through a comedy of errors including all the credit card machines being down, it took him forever!
Things got pretty serious as the sun beat down on us, and I was not happy about being so sweaty...but we managed to fight through so we could see our team play the whole game.
Our team did great! I was happy to cheer on the red guys (as I came to call them)
Later on, the Presidents (who are people in costumes with giant heads dressed as Presidents Washington, Lincoln, Taft, Roosevelt and Jefferson) did their race around the bases....
...and then they got set up after the game so that kids could go down to the field and run the bases. I decided against this little event, and just watched some of the other kids run around the bases and give high fives to the Presidents and the other girls on the field. Who are those girls, anyway? Ballgirls? Helper girls? I'm confused...
I thought it was fun to watch the other kids, which was enough for me and we got to watch for awhile while people cleared out, so there wasn't as much of a crush of people as we were headed out.
The Colorado Rockies ended up beating The Nationals 7-1, but it was still a wonderful game to watch. I cheered as much as I could, and was bummed that we lost, but it was still fun!
On the walk back to the car, I got to enjoy some of the scenery around the ballpark. There was a really nice water sculpture along the route which was REALLY calling for me to jump in and cool off....Mom and I waited in the shade while Dad went on ahead to get the car for us....what a great ballgame!

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