Thursday, December 26, 2013

The NSO Pops Holiday Concert 2013

The weekend before we went away to Connecticut, we went out to see a lovely concert by the National Symphony Orchestra. They play a holiday show every year, and it had been some time since Mom and Dad had seen it. They finally figured I was old enough to see the show, so we all went down to The Kennedy Center, an enormous building devoted to the arts (With numerous theaters and performance spaces) It was  a very cool building, and I enjoyed running around in it.  
Mom got our tickets from Will Call (who sounds like a really nice guy for holding our tickets. Thanks, Will!) and handed them out to us.
Oh...did I tell you that I was going to be making the above face (or similar) for the next two years in every picture I take? Sorry about not informing you sooner...
The place has a lot of really cool stuff to look at while you are waiting to go in, and even stuff to see as you walk up to your seats!
We had a great spot up in the balcony where I could see and hear everything PERFECTLY.
The orchestra sounded lovely, and they played some of my favorite Christmas songs, in addition to some I had never heard before. I loved the new ones, too!.

The choir that they had up there singing with them was pretty good too, and they had a guy named Brian Stokes Mitchell join in as a guest vocalist for the show, too. He was AMAZING. He had a great sense of humor, and such a wonderful voice. He sang the heck out of The Grinch. SO good.

As a nice capper to the evening, Santa Clause stopped by for a visit at the end of the show and handed out candy canes while it snowed indoors!! How did they do that?!

Generally I was very excited to be up in the balcony because of how great everything looked and sounded, but when I couldn't get a candy cane from Santa, I was devastated.

Later, on our way out, I learned that Santa had kindly given little sacks of candy canes to the ushers, and we got some after all! It was a Christmas Miracle!!!
For all your theater nerds out there, don't worry...Dad took all these pics before the show started. :-)

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