Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Mini Golf 2013 Part 1: Father's Day!

Happy New Year's Eve, folks! I'm celebrating the New Year with Golf! Well...not really, but I'm celebrating it with two blog posts about Mini-Golf! They will be my final posts of 2013, and that should officially catch me up! (We'll see if I need to do any more catching up if I look through my photo archives, but if this is it, then that would be the first year that I am not playing catch-up deep into the new year! How cool is THAT!?)
First, I will show you some stuff from Father's Day. Dad got it into his head that he wanted to go miniature golfing for Father's Day, and we found a nice little mini-golf course out in Maryland.
I was doing pretty well (depending on the hole...some of those things are tough!)
Dad seemed to be having a great time.

I was having fun, too....except that there was a brother/sister team that kept insisting on jumping onto our hole and messing with my ball. A couple times, they even went ahead and took my ball out of the hole (or put it in, depending on their moods at the moment)

I did my best to be patient, and walk away from the situation, but it really was tough to keep my cool. Grrrr... :-( Where were the parents!?

We rallied after our little invasion by the other kids, and ended up having a pretty good time.

Dad did his best to show me the best way to hit the ball successfully, but I really just like hitting it how I like to hit it, ya know? We all have our own style!
Mom also showed me a little bit of her mini-golf skillz (That's right....skillz with a 'z', everyone.) and it definitely helped, too....
....but not enough for me to not face tragedy once again, as yet another one of my balls insisted on staying away from the hole I had tried to hit it into.
The roller coaster of emotion continued as I started picking up and doing well again, and Mom was just cleaning up. She did great! Try as they might to keep score, my erratic (yet endearing) style of play made it near-impossible to keep score for too long, and they gave up.
The final hole was a frog where you had to hit your ball through the base, and then up a slight incline, until it landed in a hole that gobbled your ball up for someone else to play with.
We timed it all just right, since a big picnic let out nearby, which meant that a bunch of people got in line to play, just as we were wrapping up. Score!
I tried a couple times to get the ball in, to no avail....then, I got serious....set my stance up just like Mom and Dad showed me, and I hit the ball through the base!
While it took me a few more swings to finish the hole off, I finally got my ball in, with Mom and Dad following soon after. Some snacks, and a ride on an old, squeaky, yet totally endearing train  finished off Father's Day 2013 in a lovely way...

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